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I have been a part of the Awards International Customer Experience Awards programs for many years, and have judged at around 20 events in the last 14 years. This year I am judging at:

  • The European CX Awards
  • The Türkiye CX Awards
  • The UK CX Awards

I am judging at the Türkiye CX Awards to take UK and European experience to a region that is just beginning to add rigor around customer experience measurement and improvement.

It is my pleasure to judge at the UK Customer Experience Awards as an Ambassador for the event and to share my experiences of being involved and to demonstrate the value that I get from being a part of these awards.

I have operated over Europe and globally supporting clients to hire senior leadership roles across marketing, operations and digital for a number of years and so to get involved with the European CX Awards was an easy decision. 

One of my most happy career moments was receiving an ‘Outstanding Contribution to Judging’ Gold Award at the 2019 UK Digital Experience Awards.  

Judging at these awards as a Subject Matter Expert on Customer Experience is an excellent way to keep up to date with industry best practice.

This an opportunity to learn from the inside what businesses and individuals within these businesses are doing to be innovative for customers and to make customers lives easier which helps when guiding clients on their customer experience and search strategies for business critical CX roles across marketing, operations and digital. These events also provide great talking points to engage, help and support senior leaders from a networking perspective.

I will post more updates as the events unfold… 

Please follow the URL below to be taken to the Awards International website where you can meet the judges at this years awards and learn more about these highly coveted events, including how to apply to judge and enter the awards.

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